Deprecation Note

We published the last version of Graylog Documentation before the release of Graylog 4.2. Now, all documentation and help content for Graylog products are available at

There will be no further updates to these pages as of October 2021.

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Upgrading to Graylog 2.5.x

Protecting against CSRF, HTTP header required

Using the Graylog server API requires all clients sending non-GET requests to include a custom HTTP header (X-Requested-By). The value of the header is not important, but it’s presence is, as all requests without it will be ignored and will return a 400 error.

This is important for people using scripts that modify Graylog in any way through the REST API. We already adapted Graylog web interface and our plugins, so if you don’t use any scripts or 3rd party products to access Graylog, you don’t have to do anything else.

If you are using the Graylog Sidecar, you either have to use Graylog version 2.5.1 or update the Sidecar to version 0.1.7. That version is using the correct CSRF headers for HTTP requests against the Graylog server API.

Elasticsearch 6 changes

There is a breaking change in Elasticsearch 6 that may affect some queries on your searches and dashboards:

Before Elasticsearch 6, queries for keyword fields were split by whitespaces and combined with OR operators resulting, for example, in type:(ssh login) and type:(ssh OR login) being equivalent. This is no longer the case in Elasticsearch 6 and now those queries are different: the former looking for the ssh login value, the second for either ssh or login values.

Please ensure to look for those queries in your Graylog setup before upgrading to Elasticsearch 6 and add the OR operators where needed.